Saturday, 7 February 2009

All good sagas must come to an end

Yes, that's right people...I found a daycare!

All told, I visited seven daycares and eventually wound up going with the first daycare I contacted way back in the fall. Actually, she wound up calling me as she happens to have a space opening up in April.

In addition to the four I told you about previously I also visited:
  1. A stay-at-home-mom who actually said she was just trying this out so she could pay her bills. Now, I acknowledge that times are tough and most daycare operators would say that the money is at least part of the reason they do what they do, but it should not be the first answer you come up with when a parent asks why you started your daycare.

  2. A lovely Tibetan Buddhist who was looking to take in kids around the same age of her kids so they could play together. She even offered to potty train Abner for me as soon as she started with her. She speaks five languages and had one of the most well-kept two-children homes I've ever seen. To make it even sweeter...she's only a three minute drive away on my way to work.

  3. An experienced daycare operator who is conveniently located halfway between my home and work. During the visit, one of the parents offered unprompted praise of the daycare -- in fact, they don't even need daycare anymore, but they keep sending their son -- it's that good. She's licenced to take up to seven kids but believes they should all have one-on-one time so she only takes five (and some are just part time).

So which one did we choose?

The Tibetan Buddhist was my first pick, but she wanted someone to start right away so we went for the last one (who is Catholic for anyone keeping score in this little saga). I've met with her three times and I like her more and more each and every time.

Now I can rest and enjoy my last two months at home with Abner.

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