Tuesday, 3 February 2009

You might be a new mom if...part 2

Several months ago I wrote a post called You Might Be A New Mom If... It was geared towards new parents. Now that I've been at this parenting thing a while, I'm updating the list. So, you might be a mom of a nine-month-old if...

...you reach into your pocket to pull out some change and instead pull out a handful of soggy and crumbly Cheerios.

...you can't remember the last time you showered without a menagerie of plastic animals watching.

...all the low surfaces in your home are strangely devoid of objects.

...instead of making plans at specific times, you now meet "after morning nap" or "before afternoon nap".

...you find yourself lingering a little longer at the till when buying your groceries because it means you'll be able to talk with another adult just a little bit longer.

...you select restaurants based on the quality of their highchairs rather than the quality of their food.

...you curse whoever invented the bathtub plug chain.

...you catch yourself bringing a forkful of your dinner to your lip to check for temperature before digging in.

...your server has to come back four times to take your order because you are too busy setting up the high chair, feeding the baby, wiping up spills or picking up toys to read the menu.

...you know the hardest part about parenting is not the lack of sleep or the never-ending worries about your child's development -- it's trying to wipe your baby's snotty nose.

...your change pad is gathering dust because your child prefers to stand for diaper changes.

...you've actually caught yourself licking your finger and wiping up crud on your child's face.


  1. oh, that licking and wiping crud off habit.... i catch myself wanting to do it to my husband now too! Of course, my mom still does it to me so I guess I know where I got it from.

  2. licking the finger - definitely gross and i do it all the time now. poor kid! but he so resists the post-meal wipe down so i find all kinds of crud on him when we're out in natural light...

    and what is with the not sitting still for diaper changes anymore? it's like some kind of wrestling match, and he's winning.

  3. Wow, you go to restaurants. Good for you!

    ..the bright side of wrestling diaper changes is that I still outweigh the little sweetums by 130 lbs give or take so I always win. For some reason I refuse to change diapers standing up, I know lots of people who do it.


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