Saturday, 24 January 2009

The continuing saga

I took The Dear Sweet Husband to meet "the Christian lady" (as we have dubbed her - sounds like a character on SNL) yesterday morning. Thinking she was the best option of the four I'd seen, I brought along my chequebook just in case.

Within the first five minutes, I knew the chequebook wouldn't be coming out of my bag...

Unlike the first visit, the kids were awake so we had a chance to meet them. Three very nice little boys sitting 'round the kitchen table quietly playing with some playdough. We sang a few rounds of "The A says Ah, the B says Buh," etc. and they were very eager to make playdough things for us.

One of the little boys (the only one not belonging to the owner) proudly held up a purple heart that he'd made for me and loudly pronounced, "What's in my heart?"

I naively said, "I don't know."

To which this adorable little three-year-old insisted, "yes you do. It's Jesus!"

I may as well have been having a conversation with Rod Flanders. That's a Simpsons joke in case you missed it.

Well that pretty much clinched it for us. Back to the drawing board.


  1. is it bad that i laughed out loud at that? sorry that you are having to deal with the stress of it all. i forget, do you live in vancouver or a suburb? thought i could keep my ears open for you.

    oh and don't worry, despite popular opinion, you still have time!

  2. poor little rod flanders... i could go on to cite several Simpsons references to secure my status as a member of the geek patrol, but I'll hold back. ;-)

    good luck! you'll find the right place for abby. i'll drop a line to a few peeps at my office. since it's so close to yours maybe it'll turn up a tip?

  3. T - I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell over the whole situation so a little laughter shouldn't be a problem. We live near Brentwood so I'm pretty sure that makes us suburbanites. Any help would be appreciated.

    Randi - hopefully your peeps know something!

  4. LOL. That's hysterical. I mean, I'm still laughing. Read that one aloud to my DSH.


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