Sunday, 15 November 2009


When there's something to be done, I'm either on it immediately, or it dwells on my conscience and keeps me up at night until I take care of it. Unfortunately, making things for my first giveaway fell into the latter category.

However, I am proud to announce that after many months of procrastinating, the items have all been made and shipped to the super-fantastic winners...except Lisa - I'm bringing yours in-person over the Christmas holidays (now we have to get together at least once!) Oh, and Brenda, if you're still checking the blog, please let me know how I can reach you. And come to think of it, mom, I still have yours sitting on the freezer. I'll bring it over on my next visit. Maybe I should rephrase my earlier sentence...

I am proud to announce that after many months of procrastinating, the items have all been made (yes, this part is true) and two out of five items (that's more accurate) have been shipped to the super-fantastic winners and one of them has been shown to, but not given to the winner!

So what did I make in the end?

For my mom I made this simple little cafe apron out of an IKEA tea towel, some cotton webbing (I think that's what it's called) and a second IKEA tea towel for the pocket. I didn't do any hemming or finishing to the pocket when I sewed it on so three of the edges fray nicely. The fourth edge was a finished edge of the original tea towel so it was already hemmed for me! The embroidery was my first ever attempt and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Alanna had requested something unusual. I think these little gems fit the bill nicely. Ashamed of drinking in public? Afraid the cops are going to bust you for public drinking? Have no fear, the BEER COZY is here! Made of craft felt finished with a blanket stitch, these little cozies fit perfectly over a standard can. Knowing that no one likes to drink alone, I made a matching set for Alanna and her husband Rob to enjoy...which I'm told they are doing already!

That brings us to Marie. I was all out of ideas by this point, so I just sent her rocks. Kidding! I sent her these gorgeous little felt rocks* (well, not all of these, just a few actually). These were also done in craft felt and finished with a blanket stitch (such a handy stitch to know). They are filled with wild rice we had kicking around the house. Their shapes are based on rocks I traced from the beach at Pt. Roberts. I find them very soothing to hold in the palm of my hand. I think they'd be fantastic for meditating with. If I make up any more, I might add some lavender to the mix.

The last two items will remain a secret until Lisa and Brenda have seen the goodies I have waiting for them!

Thank you all so much for participating.

*I got the idea for these from a blog post I read somewhere months ago and have since lost track of. Please let me know if these are your design. I feel like I've ripped someone off!


  1. Love my cafe apron! Can't wait to see it for real!

  2. love them all, especially those rocks! you totally inspired me to learn the blanket stitch!


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