Monday, 21 December 2009

More art for Abner's walls

When I was pregnant I kept a journal of my experiences. It was written as letters to "baby". One day I'll print it out to give to Abner, but in the meantime, I would like to find a way to remind myself of that special time. Of course I have pictures to remind me of how insanely huge I was, but no one wants to dwell on that aspect of pregnancy too much.

I discovered a fun little website a few weeks ago called Wordle that turned my journal into art. Below is the Wordle I created when I pasted the text from my journal into the site. I tweaked the colours to match Abner's room and played around with a few of the settings until I was happy with the results. I think it's an absolutely lovely way to remember my pregnancy story and it will look so cute in Abner's room!
P.S. If you look on the right below the word "dad" you'll see the word "ting". It's not a real word. When I first input the journal text, "get" came up as an absolutely huge word that dominated the cluster. I wasn't fond of how that looked so I did find and replace in WORD and eliminated "get" from the journal. Of course, that meant I also eliminated "get" from all instances of "getting", hence, "ting" appears in my Wordle.

P.P.S. TDSH even did a wordle of his entire PhD thesis...all 270 pages of it.

1 comment:

  1. great idea! it'll look lovely in abner's room.

    i tried this with my blog and the biggest word was 'dough' followed by
    'pizza' and 'like'. guess there's a theme going on there. ;-)

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