Saturday, 21 November 2009

1.5 plus a bit

Abner hit the 18-month mark at the start of this month. Probably should have posted this back on the actual day, but we just went to the doctor this morning and found out some of the pertinent details needed for this post.

Weight: 25.1 lbs
Length: 81 cm
Hair: curly, blond and getting near to her shoulders (well past if you pull it straight)
Teeth: 16
Words spoken: we've totally lost count...I would ballpark it at 75 or so

Talents: "counting" (she can make it to 10 or 11 by herself), jumping, getting her soo-soo out of the drawer by herself, taking off her own pajamas, putting away groceries, putting recycling in the bins, putting laundry in the bin, and throwing just about anything.

Favorite things: going to daycare, baby doll (aptly named Baby), BoJo the monkey (who she calls BoBo), her cousins, dumping all her blocks on the floor, her orange and pink vest, saying nonononononononononono (you get the idea), looking at herself in pictures, music class, puzzles, playgrounds, brushing her teeth, bathtime, sitting on her potty (but not actually using it for its intended purpose), doing the hokey pokey, making mommy sing whenever we're in the car, pressing the elevator buttons, turning on/off light switches, cheese, books, announcing when people fart by saying "poot", cuddling with anyone but her parents, and occasionally drawing on the chalkboard.

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