Sunday, 8 November 2009

The joy of cooking

I remember learning to cook at a really young age. My mom and I took part in a "kinder-cooking" class at the school by our house when I was about four years old. I actually still have the mimeographed cookbooks from those classes and I still remember stirring the concoction that would become quiche Lorraine. I also remember dumping that concoction all over the table, but hey, I was only four!

A few weeks ago I decided to introduce Abner to the joys of baking. I got everything prepared and measured out ahead of time (smart idea) and stood her up on a chair next to me at the counter to make my all-time favorite: cheddar dill muffins.

The pictures you see below capture the roughly 30 seconds that Abner was actually in to the whole thing. Once we had the dry ingredients blended, she was done. I only got to teach her half of the muffin method - she missed mixing all the wet ingredients separately and adding them to the dry ingredients! Still so much to learn!

The muffins turned out great in the end. Maybe next time we'll get to those wet ingredients.


  1. i think you should share with us the recipe! cheddar dill muffins sound pretty tasty.

  2. They are super tasty! I've added a link to the recipe in the post. Enjoy!

  3. looks like lots of fun! oh, just wait until she discovers that the wet ingredients for (some) foods contain butter & sugar - that's incentive to stick around. ;-)

  4. Cool idea for something on the food network..."Cooking with Abner"??
    Know any producers? First shows have to be very short.


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