Friday, 14 June 2013

Colourful twig art

I realized the other day that the pictures I posted of our lounge a couple of weeks ago were taken before I created my favourite piece of art for that room: colourful string wrapped twigs!

I originally saw the idea on Pinterest (just a pic, not a tute) and actually sat down to make these one night (bringing my pin:project ratio up to 200:1. Because my twigs are so large, they are a PAIN to photograph. Normally they reside up on the mantle and arch their way across the wall. I moved them down to the hearth so you could see them a little better against the white bricks.

Here they are in their normal spot. Lovely aren't they? I love how the bendy willow branches form a natural arch over the artwork.

The process is extremely easy if you want to make your own. Just go forage out in nature for some suitable twigs (any size will do). Use leftover bits of embroidery floss and just start winding. I tied off each end so there are wee little knots in spots, but it doesn't ruin the overall effect at all.

To display the finished twigs, I got The Dear Sweet Husband to hold them in position in one of my painted mason jars (my most popular pin on Pinterest by the way!) and carefully dropped small stones into the jar to hold the twigs in place. The heavy base also means they won't tip over as easily.

We still have that big blank white wall in the lounge...anyone got any DIY art suggestions for me?

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