Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fashion re-make and re-do

This here, is my favourite of all of Abner's tops. It looks so cute paired with a long sleeve t-shirt and a pair of jeans. It reminds me of the kid's clothes you see in Japanese sewing books (which I am still obsessed with, by the way). This was purchased from H&M a while back now for something like $8. The trouble is, kids grow. This one will have to be passed on soon enough, but I thought I might try to make my own version - slightly larger - before it goes out the door.

Voila! It's really hard to see because of the print, but trust me, it looks great!

I placed the original on top of some craft paper and sketched out each piece of the pattern adding a little bit here and there to scale it up a size or two. I even lined the top part (yolk? Can you tell I don't do a lot of garment sewing?!) and added a wee bit of extra fabric as trim around the neck line. All of the seams are encased in French seams or with bias tape (made of the same fabric).

It's a little roomy for now, but should be just right by the time Abner actually does outgrow the original. I could always tack up the bottom hem if it bothered me that much, but so far, no complaints from Abner.

Now that I have the pattern pieces done, there's nothing stopping me from making up more of these. I even have a lovely Liberty-esque print picked out for the next one! Honestly, whatever did I do with my time before I started sewing?!

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