Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fun new toy: Palette builder

I have yet to figure out exactly how this fun new toy will be of use to my life, but, honestly, how cool is the palette builder tool from Play Crafts?

Simply upload a picture, click a button and almost instantly, you have a selection of colours pulled out to match the image. Not enough colours? Click another button to add a few more. Not happy with the pixels being sampled for the palette? Just click your mouse and move them to a more pleasing colour.

I suppose it might be really handy if you were looking to make a quilt to match a picture. Just use the tool, print out the palette and take it along to the fabric store with you. Or, combine the palette builder with the Quilt Assistant from Cosman to make your picture into an actual quilt. Yeah, Quilt Assistant is another online tool I stumbled upon recently (when I should have been applying for jobs, ahem). Download the program, upload your picture and've got yourself a block designed on your image. You just have to print out the templates and get cutting. How awesome is that?!

Alas, I am not into paper piecing (yet) and I have no need to match my fabrics to my artwork, so the palette builder will remain just a fun little toy for me for now. I've been wasting plenty of time playing around with some of my favourite pictures from the past while. Here are a couple of my faves:

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