Saturday, 24 January 2009

Friday night project

I've been hankering to do some kind of a project for weeks. I think I've gone into a bit of withdrawal following Christmas. The problem is that Abner is a very light sleeper so sewing is out of the question during nap time (not that she naps long enough for me to actually do anything anyway) and she won't go to sleep at night unless it's completely dark in the apartment (there's no door on her room which doesn't help matters). Finding stuff I can do in dim light is a bit tricky. I got the idea to do Abner's silhouette this from this lovely little blog.

I would have worked on it earlier in the day, but I needed TDSH's help to get a suitable profile shot - have you ever tried getting a profile shot of an infant? It's damn near impossible. Here's the photo I started with.

I just traced the profile onto a blank sheet of paper, then cut it out to use as a stencil. I chose colours that were unconventional and would match her room. Sorry for the crappy lighting in the picture - I had to take the photo under the florescent lights in the bathroom.

I think it looks really cute! I'll probably do a few more throughout her life. They're a lovely alternative to portraits.


  1. So awesome! I might have to copy you on this one... Make that definitely. ;-)

  2. i am also going to copy you, i love the idea. my mom had them on the wall when we were kids, i thought they were silly then, but now they seem nostalgic and wonderful.

    also, thank you for the link to v&co, i had never been and although those women who do it all often fill me with a great deal of anxiety, the few posts i just read over there have me feeling inspired. these days i need all the inspiration i can get!

  3. oh i'm so glad that i helped in "some" way! wonderful! your's turned out just wonderful!


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