Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Teething bites

Poor Abner. She's going through a lot these days.

For starters, she's finally teething. The first tooth is making it's appearance on the bottom after several weeks of rosy cheeks, less-than-stellar sleeping and more than enough drool to fill an Olympic swimming pool. She's also pretty much gone off solids. In a fit of desperation the other day, I gave her a teething cookie to see if she would like that...I don't think she actually ate any of it, but she sure had fun licking it and making a huge mess.
On top of that, she's got another cold. I've actually lost count of how many she's had in her almost nine months of life. This one isn't that bad, but she does have quite the coughing fits and the size of the boogers coming out of her nose would make a gold miner envious.

And in a move that is either sheer genius or pure insanity (I haven't decided which), we've decided that now is the time to start weening her off of her soother. We're still giving it to her at night and for naps, but it stays in her crib the rest of the day. It's absolutely adorable how she kicks her feet in excitement when she finally gets her soother.

Needless to say, there's been A LOT of crying around here lately, but with so much going on, I never know the reason -- could be the teeth, the cold or wanting a hit of soother -- your guess is as good as mine.

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  1. sounds rough - we feel for you over here! hope she feels better really soon with the cold. at least she can console herself with that shiny new tooth! :-)

    cole has been going through a weird phase recently too. he seems only interested in finger food he can feed himself - or, as we have just discovered, "spoon food" as long as it has puffed rice added on top... weird. and a lot of groaning. next time i'm at a restaurant, i think i'm going to use his technique and do an extended groan when the waitress is too slow on the draw.


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