Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Reusable fabric food wraps

I'm a big fan of Abeego beeswax fabric food wraps. I bought one for TDSH a few years back and he uses it most days to pack his sandwich for lunch. I haven't managed to find any similar product here in New Zealand which kind of had me bummed out since we're now packing lunches for Abner too.

Luckily, I stumbled upon a tutorial for making your own beeswax fabric food wraps over on The Art of Doing Stuff a few weeks back. So, on one of my first kid-free days, I gave it a shot. Folks, I think we have a winner. These turned out great!

Making them yourself definitely feels good. The cost is minimal (could have made it even cheaper if I'd used up some scrap fabrics instead of buying new) and it really didn't take long to whip up a couple of these bad boys. I found a vegetable peeler worked well to get the bits of wax off the big chunk. I even kept the foil I used for these ones so that I'll be able to take advantage of the wax left on it for the next batch I make. How's that for reusing!

I still prefer the Abeego originals, but these will do until I can get my hands on more.

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  1. Hi Kim! I love that you got resourceful and made your own Abeego. Thanks for the love I am glad Abeego inspired you to take steps to stop using plastic film in your home!
    If you really want to get your hands on Abeego we could ship some out to you. If you have a group of friends that would also like some Abeegos we could put together a bulk order to cut the cost of shipping to New Zealand. Let us know!
    Toni Desrosiers
    Abeego Designs


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