Monday, 6 May 2013

Birthday round up

It was party time for us this weekend. Abner chose to have a small party taking just a couple of friends to the  Discovery part of the Otago Museum (it's a bit like Science World/Centre for those of you back home). We've held off on going since it costs a chunk of change whereas the rest of the museum is free/by donation. So, it was extra special for her to finally get to go for her birthday with her friends.

It was a perfect choice since the weather was miserable for the party and we got to stay cozy and warm playing with the displays and checking out the butterfly exhibit. We even got to watch the day's first flight (where a batch of new butterflies are released into the exhibit). The kids also got to experience butterflies landing on them...Abner only freaked out once.

Once we'd had our fill at the museum, we headed back to the house where the parents joined us for tea and cake, we opened gifts and, I handed out this year's handmade party favours. This year I hand stitched motifs onto long sleeves shirts for each kid. For Abner's shirt, I used one of her own drawings as inspiration. She's been doing these swirly flowers for a while now and I absolutely love them. She loves having one of her drawings on a shirt.

Other than that, Abner spent a good chunk of the weekend practicing riding her new big girl bike - a gift from The Dear Sweet Husband and me. It's borderline too big at the moment, but at least it will last a while and she's getting the hang of it quickly. Her run/balance bike was awesome and all, but it didn't do much to teach her about brakes. Ah well...falling off your bike a few times is all part of growing up, right?

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  1. Happy birthday, Abby! Wonderful photos: look at her go on that bike! Also, I delight in your stitchery.


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