Thursday, 17 July 2014

Quilted hottie cover finished and on its way

I got an email from Lisa of Big Little the other day reminding me that as soon as school's back in session next week (we're on school holidays at the moment), kids in Christchurch will be getting the hottie covers that were made as part of this year's Hottie Project.

For my contribution to the project, I used Adrianne's awesome quilted hottie cosy tutorial but must confess it didn't go as smoothly as it should have. When I first sewed it up, it was way too short to fit a hot water bottle inside. No doubt, I either used the wrong seam allowance (very possible), I didn't tape the pieces together properly (could be) or TDSH didn't print the pattern at the full size (highly likely). I thought I'd have to start all over again, but I took a stab at splicing in a new strip of fabric, batting and lining into the already quilted cover and it totally worked! Love it so much, I just might have to make another one for myself!

With school holidays on at the moment Abner and I have been galavanting around town and having a great old time. We've gone skating several times, hit the art gallery to play with 150 000 pieces of Lego, discovered an awesome new inflatables place in town, gone to a few plays and a few movies, enjoyed countless cups of coffee and even took a train ride with a bunch of friends. We've also tried our hand at cheese making and are quickly becoming expert loom band makers (managed the starburst pattern on my very first try! *fist pump*)

The weather has even been cooperating for the most part (a rarity in Dunedin). I managed to spend two whole days last week in our yard getting it all tidied and ready for spring. It's the middle of winter and I was gardening in a t-shirt! I even had to mow the lawn! Let me remind you that it's the equivalent of January back home. Can't say I've ever had to mow the lawn in January before.

Abner even lost her first tooth today so it's been a memorable holiday all around.

Whatever you're up to these days, I hope you're all having as much fun as we are!

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