Saturday, 11 May 2013

Postage stamp chair pads

I made up these postage stamp chair pads a few weeks ago for my sewing chair and Abner's antique school desk using this great tutorial from Elizabeth over at Oh, Fransson! I've used the technique before, but always find it difficult to explain when people ask me about it. If you want to give it a try, get your hands on some light-weight fusible interfacing and check out Elizabeth's posts. With this technique, you get the satisfaction of quickly piecing a project without the headache of keeping track of your rows and piecing all those little, teeny tiny squares together!

For these pads, I used two layers of batting to provide just enough cush for my tush, but still keep it manageable to push through my machine. A walking foot is definitely recommended if you're going to give it a try yourself. I decided not to quilt the finished piece since they're kind of small and probably won't be going in the wash too often. The layers are secured enough (I hope) with just the top stitching around the edge.

So, you'd think with all these scraps being used up on these scrap busting projects, my stash would be looking a little weak by this point. You'd be wrong. I think I have enough squares cut and spare scraps left to make up an entire set of chair pads for our kitchen chairs plus a new more projects! Stay tuned - more scrap busting projects coming your way soon!

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