Monday, 21 April 2014

The one with the stylish firewood carrier

While the rest of you up in the Northern Hemisphere are all "Ooooh, look at the pretty blossoms!" and "I finally got to spend the day in the garden." and "See ya later snow!" the rest of us down here in at the bottom of the world are gearing up for winter. At least, those of us in Dunedin - the land of very little insulation and no such thing as central heating - are.

With the wood burner in our new house, we've got ourselves a load of macrocarpa to get us at least part way through the winter. We've got a few stacks going on in the backyard and had been hauling it into the house by hand as needed until this past weekend when I made this - the most stylish firewood carrier you ever will see.

I grabbed a classic denim for the main body of the carrier and used hot pink polka dot and gingham for the sides and trim. I even managed to find some matching neon pink 3000 meters of it (you're going to be seeing a lot of hot pink on this blog from here on out!)

I opted for sides even though most carriers don't include them; I wanted to make sure logs weren't going to shift out of the carrier and onto my toes!

Considering I made this whole thing up as I went, I'm pretty damn pleased with the result. It's cute, it's durable and it actually works. A complete success!

In other news, I got myself a smartphone a few weeks back and I've now joined the rest of the world on Instagram. Look me up over there, or follow along on good ol' Facebook.

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