Monday, 13 January 2014

Finished scrappy rainbow quilt

My first finish of 2014 is actually a quilt I completed way back in November. It's taken me that long to find a moment to photograph it. There just wasn't a rush with this one since I made specifically for us to keep (that never happens!)

It's really only a throw sized quilt, but at the moment we're using it as a bedspread over top of our duvet. It's been an absolutely appalling summer so far (people keep apologising for the weather like it's so bad we're going to leave Dunedin or something) so we're definitely glad to have the extra layer on the bed. When laid out sideways, it comes up about 3/4 of the way up the bed which is just perfect - warmth for most of the body, but not too bulky.

I finally grabbed a moment between rain showers this afternoon to peg the quilt up in the yard and snap a few photos. I love seeing the entire quilt top spread out like this. The rainbow effect is just brilliant!

This one was started way back in April when I spent a day organising my scrap bin and somehow ended up with a quilt top instead. I had to piece the quilt back since I was using up big scraps even on the back. The strip of colour I used to join the larger pieces of grey corresponds exactly with the colour transition on the front.

Anyhow, the photo shoot was going well until this started happening...

So I moved things indoors and grabbed a few more beautiful shots of what is now my favourite quilt (don't I say that about every quilt I finish?)

Thank you to the lovely crafty ladies whose scraps also made it into this quilt. Your generosity is very much appreciated and I'm so happy I got to use those beautiful fabrics in a quilt that we're planning to keep.

On to the next one!


  1. Beautiful colours, Kim! Another masterpiece.


  2. absolutely stunning Kim! Love love love it x

  3. I love seeing your handiwork. Gorgeous colours and what an inviting quilt to crawl under when you need some cheering up. Xx

  4. Hi Kim. This is one fabulous quilt! The lovely circle quilting is absolutely the cherry on top

  5. Beautiful quilt! That hand-stitching is perfect.


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