Sunday, 5 December 2010

Advent bags forever!

I made a rather last-minute decision on Monday to make my own advent calendar this year. I remembered the lame-o chocolate calendars of my own youth (do they still make those things? Worst chocolate in the world if memory serves) and knew that I could come up with something better. The key was to make something would last year after year, look nice as a decoration and, of course, didn't cost an arm and a leg.

One quick trip out to Fabricana on my lunch break on Monday, a jaunt over to Michael's on Tuesday afternoon, late-night trip to Staples on Tuesday, and by Wednesday morning, I had these all ready for Abner to enjoy. She's been having a BLAST finding the right number each morning. Actually, I think she likes that part even more than she likes seeing what's in the bag!

I used my favorite tea towel fabric once again and had all the bags sewn up in less than two hours! Because I want them to last forever, I took the time to zig zag the edges as well to prevent fraying. I even heated the ends of the red ribbon to keep those from fraying away over the years. Those little bags are tough...really, really tough I tell you!

We've opted to present them in a bowl this year so that we can move them up out of Abner's reach as needed, but I also inserted a tiny piece of green ribbon to allow them to be strung up if you wanted to.

Advent is a great opportunity to teach Abner that the holidays are not just about getting treats. So, we've given her a mix of items and activities this year. There are a few chocolates ('cause it's not advent without chocolate!), some stickers (like she needed more), a Kinder egg, and a variety of Christmasy activities including:
  • make paper snowflakes
  • decorate the front door
  • choose three toys to donate to the Salvation Army
  • put money in the Christmas kettle at the mall
  • wish all your friends merry Christmas
  • record a Christmas video
  • visit the Christmas heritage village
  • take food to the food bank get the idea.

I had an extra large tea towel bag kicking around so it will be very handy to store the advent bags once their day has passed.

I'd be happy to make a set for anyone who wants one for next Christmas. Just drop me a note at heymilkybeer {at} gmail {dot} com.


  1. Hooray for homemade Advent calendars! Lexi received a homemade quilted version from her Nana on Dec 1 in the mail. I'll post a pic when I get a chance. Hers contains stickers, tiny toys and quarters for her piggy bank. I love the idea of the activities.

  2. Kim, what a wonderful idea - especially the thoughtful gifts hidden inside those sweeeeeet little bags.
    Merry Christmas@:D

  3. these look awesome, kimmer! even if they do cause strange dreams...


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