Friday, 4 June 2010

Spool of Thread grand opening!

Image from Spool of Thread.

Have you heard? Spool of Thread is finally having its grand opening this Saturday!

It's a sewing lounge where you can use their machines, tools and space to work on sewing projects in the company of other crafty folk...oh, and they have fabric too! I can't remember how I first stumbled across this great little place, but I've been tracking the progress of Lili and Henry as they get everything ready to open for a while now. Check out how cleaver they are in using yard sticks for their cash counter - BRILLIANT and oh so cute!

I had a chance to meet them in person at last month's Got Craft where they hosted the DIY craft table and had everyone making the cutest little pinwheel pins. I made two, and love them both! Get so many comments on them too, which is always nice!

Definitely hoping to pop by this weekend to pick up a yard or two of fabric and say hello.


  1. I would totally go to their opening kick-off too, but it's Hats Off in the Heights day on Saturday, and since that's literally in my backyard, I feel obligated to attend. I'm thinking about taking some sewing lessons with them so I can use the sewing machines on my own time. If you buy some cool fabric, make sure you post some photos so we can all drool.

  2. Rest assured Chantel, fabric has been bought, notions are in hand and I'm all geared up to sew a little something for myself (for once).

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