Sunday, 7 February 2010

Whole Lotta cuteness came in the mail!

Every evening for the last two weeks I've been eagerly awaiting my opportunity to see what came in the day's mail. It's been such disappointment each time my quest to the mail box turns up nothing more exciting than bills and junk mail.

Finally, after much patience and restrain, I got what I was waiting for, Lotta Jansdotter's book, "Simple Sewing for Baby."

It's even signed! [That loopy thing and her name are written in felt marker]

The best part is that it came with enough fabric to complete what I think is just about the cutest project in the book...the "Simple dress". Miranda made one for Abner a few months ago and it was heartbreaking to see Abner wear it only a few times before outgrowing it. Now I can make many, many more! Love it!

I must go drool over the cuteness some more.


  1. oh that fabric is awesome!!! love it! you'll get a ton of use out of the book, i think - it's full of great ideas. love her hand-drawn patterns too.

  2. I've told myself I have to finish up a few of my unfinished projects first before I can start on the dress. For now, I'll have to limit myself to ooohhing and aaaahhing over the projects in the book.


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