Thursday, 24 December 2009

I used to be a t-shirt, now I'm a...

pair of PANTS!

Check it out...I learned how to make ratty old t-shirts into these super-easy, fully functional pants for Abner.

Here's a quick tutorial so you can make your own. Seriously...these are easy. You can do it!

Step one: Pick out a pair of pants that fit your child well and fold them in half as shown below.
Step two: Select an appropriately hideous t-shirt and fold it in half as shown below.
Step three: Place the pants on the outside edge of the t-shirt as shown below. Be sure the bottom hem of the pants line up with the bottom hem of the t-shirt.

Step four: Using the pants as a guide, cut out the pieces of the new pants.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to leave a suitable buffer for a seam allowance as well as about 2 inches at the top for an elastic waistband.

You should now have two separate pant legs (as shown below).

Step five: Lay the pieces, right sides together, as shown below.
Step six: Sew up the two crotch seams (indicated with pins in the image below).

Step seven: Re-orient your fabric so it looks like an inside out pair of pants and sew up the inseam.

Depending on the size of pants you are trying to make and the size of t-shirt you started with, you may have had to cut into the sleeve to get the necessary length. If that's the case, just sew up the openings (as indicated with the pin below) before sewing in the waistband.

Step eight: Fold the top edge over twice and pin it in place to make a channel for an elastic waistband.
Step nine: Sew the channel in place by stitching along the bottom edge of the fold as well as about one millimeter from the top edge - this will prevent the elastic from twisting. Be sure to leave an opening to thread your elastic in.
Step ten: Once you've threaded the elastic in and secured the ends, close up the waistband channel.
Step eleven: Wait a minute...there is no "Step eleven" 'cause you're done! That's it! See...I told you it was easy.

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