Tuesday, 14 April 2009

How I spent my last day of freedom

Dear milkybeer readers,

It is with exceedingly saddened heart that I inform you that after 374 days of maternity leave, I am returning to work tomorrow morning. Condolences may be sent via the comments section located at the bottom of the page.

In exactly 12 hours and 45 minutes, my my ass-numbing office chair will once again be moulding itself to my rather doughy-than-before-baby bottom. Sigh.

So how did I spend my last day of freedom?

TDSH kindly took over most of the early morning preparations and got Abner ready for daycare, allowing me to stay in bed just a wee bit longer [I don't call him The Dear Sweet Husband for nothing!] Continuing to earn his title, he even handled the hand-off at daycare. Watching this transaction from the car is just as heartbreaking as it is in-person. When The Daycare Lady took Abner from TDSH's arms it looked a bit like those scenes in horror movies where a monster reaches out and drags a victim into the depths of its lair - you can't really see the monster, just the victim's arms and legs reaching out as they are dragged off screaming. Poor girl probably thought she was off to do something fun this morning because both mommy and daddy were in the car...little did she know.

After dropping TDSH back at home to take part in the family's annual play-off hockey pool, I ran a few errands before meeting back up with him to do a little pre-birthday celebrating in the form of brunch at De Dutch Pannekoek House. I love that place, mostly because pancakes the size of serving platters are just awesome, but also because they always seem to be situated in random, obscure locations. The one in our neighbourhood is hidden away under a bike shop and is accessible only from a back alley facing a golf course.

Our carefree day also took us to Main Street where we attempted to get a few things for Abner's upcoming birthday. Toy shopping isn't as fun as you'd think - especially when two parents can't seem to agree on what to get. We wound up selecting a tub of wooden blocks (things that can be stacked up and knocked over generally go over well in this house) and a bouncy ball (the fact that it is sparkly and purple was all my doing, not TDSH's). I'm still hoping to get a few more things before the big day, but this was a good start.

Next up on our day of reckless abandon was a stop at Burgoo for some beer and cheese fondue - two items I am VERY fond of. We had been looking for a pub to go to...you know, to take advantage of our baby-free status [seriously...I have been kicked out of more pubs this year than me and all my friends way back in first year university ever did]...but I insisted on hitting Burgoo when I remembered they have fondue on the menu. Despite TDSH's protests that fondue was the last thing he wanted, he managed to put a sizable dent in it with me.

From there we headed back to our neck of the woods where we picked up Abner a bit early, TDSH took her to the park and I snuck in one last nap [for posterity's sake]. All in all, it was a very nice day.

I'm not sure how these first few days back at work are going to go, so I may not be able to post for a little while. With that in mind, I will leave you with a few pics from our Easter adventures this weekend. Hopefully these will tide you over for a while.

Playing a little house with a friend at Good Friday brunch. This was before we were all treated to a hilarious puppet show rendition of The Three Little Pigs - in French! Too fun!

Looking for a flat, straight, noisy walk that smells of sewage? Have I got a walk for you! Iona Beach park - 4 km of walkable sewage pipeline straight into the ocean. Conveniently located right next to the airport so you can take your mind off the sewage smell by watching planes take off and land.

Abner did not seem to be bothered by the sewage smell. She napped the whole way out and was happy as a clam when she woke up. Parents should note that it is a bit difficult to tell if your child needs a diaper change while in the vacinity of this park.

The warmer weather lately has finally brought out the cherry blossoms. Abner was quite tickled by the flowers when TDSH lifted her up to smell them - she also got unceremoniously drenched in water lingering on the branches!

The cousins in their Easter finery. This was also Abner's first time in 'big girl' shoes. They really are a bit big for her still, but will be so, so, so cute once she grows into them.

All ready for her first Easter egg hunt. Note that the dress and big girl shoes didn't last too long! We neglected to pick up an Easter basket for her, so she had to make due with one of Grandma's bread baskets.
This concludes today's post. Wish me luck tomorrow! I'll need it.


  1. Good luck today Kim. It's been great having a playmate and mommy friend for Lexi and I this past year. My turn isn't far behind. Don't be a stranger!

  2. Ahhh, that is the sweetest picture of the cousins in their Easter finery at grandma's house...

  3. my deep, deep, deep condolences for your untimely return to the office life. ;-) we'll miss our weekday daytime adventures!

    love those big-girl shoes abner!


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