Saturday, 21 January 2012

A little quick change action

Friends of ours recently welcomed a new addition to their family [on Friday the 13th of all days!] Such a lovely event deserves a little something handmade, don't you think?

Once again, I turned to one of my favourite sewing books for a little inspiration: Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings. Of all the projects in that book, the Quick Change Trouser pattern is the one you're likely to see most often on the sewing blogs of the world. Surprisingly, I hadn't tackled it myself  - until now.

It's a pretty easy pattern to whip up. So, I made TWO pairs of pants for the little guy.

Side #1

Actually, since these are reversible, it's almost like I made him FOUR pairs of pants! I took pictures of the back to show off the contrasting fabric I used on the back yoke of each. The double layers should keep the babe nice and warm and the roomy seat should be big enough to handle his cloth diapers with ease [I hope!]

Side #2...Used different fabrics on the reverse side of one pair to change things up a bit.

The next challenge will be getting out to see the new baby before he gets to big for these pants!


  1. Max has a few pair of these that he has almost outgrown, I love them so much I am thinking of making a few more though! Love the colour combos you used.

    1. Thanks T! I wish these were around when Abner was little!


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