Tuesday, 30 July 2013

We were on a break

Please excuse the quietness around these blog parts lately. It's been term break for little Miss Abner for the past two weeks so we've been up to our eyeballs in fun and excitement! Our adventures were many, but our photos were few. Here are a few of the highlights for your viewing pleasure...

Looking chic as we headed north for a wee day trip with friends.

Braving the rope swing for the first time. How would you like to have this beautiful spot for a family getaway? I feel so lucky to have generous friends who let us join in the fun at their spectacular holiday house.

Enjoying the first of many Crunchie bars aboard the Crunchie Train. Dunedin has its very own Cadbury factory and every year they host "Cadbury Week". It's an all-out festival of all things chocolate. We did chocolate decorating, rode the Crunchie train up the Taieri Gorge, and took in our first Jaffa Race.

What you're looking at is 25,000 candy coated chocolate balls racing down the steepest street in the world. They do two races, sweeping the entire street (by hand) between races. It is extremely bizarre and totally awesome.

The children (and plenty of adults) help out by digging in the gutter and grabbing as many Jaffas as they can before the sweeping crew comes. Forget the five second rule - these things have rolled down a busy city street and came to rest in a GUTTER for Pete's sake. Eeeeew!

There was plenty of other action happening during the break; we managed to take in two plays, go for plenty of walks and go to a movie as well. I fear we may have set the bar a little too high and Abner will come to expect this much fun on every term break!

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  1. So awesome that candy race!!! Did she eat the candies that she found from the race? That the big question I have!!! :-)


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