Saturday, 1 January 2011

First skate: A bit like Bambi's

2010 held many milestones for Abner. There was her first haircut, the move to a big-girl bed, the first photo she took by herself, her first time using the potty (thankfully, there wasn't a post dedicated to that event!), and earlier this week we added one more: first skate!

We joined the masses for the loonie skate at Kensington Arena and had an absolute blast taking Abner around and around the ice to her cheers of, "Go fast! I want to go fast!" Watching her little feet go was hilarious...she had all the moves, but couldn't get her feet to stay under her. Not surprisingly though, she didn't want to stop...our backs however, were all too keen to get off the ice!

With a smile like that, I can say with certainty that this is going to be a regular event for us!

There's one more first worth mentioning here -- the first word Abner has learned to spell is...wait for it...IKEA. That's my girl.


  1. what a good sport. i love that little smile@:D

  2. Amina likes to play "Ikea" and we make signs and sell and buy things at the coffee table in our living room! Congratulations, branding- it worked. Happy New Year by the way!


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