Thursday, 6 May 2010

Party favours by mommy

Last weekend we hosted a flock of two-year-olds for Abner's second birthday. Lots to say about that event, but for now I just wanted to show you all the little party favour bags I prepared. They are one of the easiest projects I've ever made.
I used tea towel fabric to make the bags. It's super cheap and comes on a bolt like regular fabric but two of the edges are already finished. To make the bags:
  1. Fold the length in half so that the finished edges are even.
  2. Cut whatever size you want for the bag (mine were 10 inches wide)
  3. Cut a length of twill tape twice as wide as your bag (i.e. 20 inches)
  4. Fold the twill tape in half and place its folded edge on the edge of your fabric (on the fabric's right side)
  5. Keeping the twill tape in place, fold the fabric so the right sides are together.
  6. Pin the twill tape in place so you don't have to worry about it shifting around.
  7. Sew up both sides of the bag (I also zigzagged the edges to prevent fraying).
  8. Flip it right side out and you're done.
The contents were a mixture of Abner's favourite things like stickers and fruit bites alongside some classics: play dough and cookie cutters. I love that play dough recipe. As written it makes a really small amount, so I had to make three triple batches to make enough for all the kids. My arm was just about ready to fall off by the end! Abner loves playing with the little bit we didn't give away.
Anyone got ideas for other uses for these bags? They're so easy to make, I think I might try to sell them somewhere.


  1. these are great! please tell me you didn't have eight two year olds at the party though, just thinking about that makes me a bit nervous! i hope it was outside!

  2. they're so cute - we love ours! thanks for such a thoughtful loot bag. :-)

  3. Yes, we did indeed have eight two-year-olds over (well one of them is 3, but close enough). With the cold weather we did wind up inside, but thankfully our rather large party room was available. Plenty of space for the kids to run wild (which they did!)

  4. so brave! good for you for pulling it off!

  5. hey, i am back visiting this post. where did you get those cute monster stickers?


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