Friday, 19 February 2010

Finishing the unfinished

Ok...some serious attention must be paid to one of those resolutions I posted about last month...finish the unfinished.

Here's the list of unfinished projects I'd like to complete this year. As I said in the previous post, I am just aiming to complete half of these (aim low, that's what I always say). In a lot of cases, I haven't even started these yet, but I have all the stuff so really there's no excuse.

> Lopi lace scarf found in Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick (it's the hardest thing I've ever knit [not that that's saying much]). All I can say is thank goodness for point protectors - I've toted this unfinished project to the four corners of our apartment and out to crafternoons so many times with the intention of picking it up again yet thankfully, haven't lost any of my precious work in all my travels.

> Hideous orange and pink acrylic scarf started three years ago in Ontario (one can't be choosy about yarn selection in small town Ontario). Why I would even want to finish it is beyond me...hideous, orange, pink and acrylic??? What was I thinking!?!?

> Green wool coat (previously posted about here). 'Tis gorgeous and I still love it...I just can't bring myself to finish it. At least I have an entire Spring and Summer until I might need to wear it now...plenty of time to get 'er done.

> Quilt for Abner (which has been assembled and then ripped apart once already). Happy to report that this project has already been resurrected. More to come on that later!

> Pile of infant dresses currently sitting on my sewing table...I just have buttons left to do. Stinkin' buttons. So close...yet so far.

> Make at least one of Amy Butler's gum drop pillow. In my defense, this one's going to be pricey...not only for the fabric, but for the insane amount of stuffing that is required. Hmmm, maybe I can sacrifice some of Abner's stuffies? No. That would be wrong wouldn't it? Bad mommy.

> Create seat cushions for the kitchen chairs. Yes, it would be one more thing that needs cleaning, but it would hide just a wee bit more of the dreadful 90's pine furniture that I'm sick of.

> Perfect pie shawl from Weekend Knitting. Yeah...this one might be ambitious of me. I'm not a great knitter at the best of times. This one may just have to fall into the half of the list I'm not aiming to complete this year.

Somewhat related to this general to-do list are my goals for creating things to sell. Here's what I have on that list:

> T-shirt skirts and pants
> Tea towel aprons
> Pillowcase dresses
> Felt headbands
> Stuffed owls
> Felt rocks
> Felt rock mats
> Felt beer cozies

With a list like this, what the heck am I doing blogging?!?! See you later, I have to get cracking now!


  1. Thanks for the motivation, I've got a bunch of projects I want to get finished too including (hanging my head in shame right now) Lexi's first year scrapbook. We should have a stitch and bitch group for the crafties sometime.

  2. i'm impressed with your list - i can't wait to see your progress this year!

    buttons and closures (and hems) are often what keeps my projects in one of my many "unfished project" drawers.

    and i second the stitch n' bitch - great idea! i have plenty of stitching to do and certainly my share of bitching to contribute. ;-)

  3. I'm hoping to organize a Crafternoon sometime soon! I promise to invite both of you girls!


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