Saturday, 27 February 2010

Link love

Not only do I absolutely love writing my own blog - heck, I already have two blogs with a third on the way! - but I also absolutely love reading blogs. With so many out there, how do I decide which ones to read on a regular basis? Well sit right down, and listen while I tell you...

Every few months I go on a blog hunt following links from one blog to the next, to the next and so on. The great thing about bloggers is that most kindly put some of their favorites in a nice little list in the sidebar (cast your eyes to the right for a prime example). It's the equivalent of the "Recommended Reading" list at the library: Someone has already taken the time to check out all of these blogs and has deemed them enjoyable so more than likely, I will too - and usually I do.

On these occasions, it's not unusual for me to have a ridiculous number of tabs open at a time reading through over a dozen new blogs in a single sitting. The ones that tickle my fancy get added to my "Following" list so I can stalk their every post on a daily basis.

If I kept every single blog on my "Follow" list forever, I'd never get any work done for all the blog reading I'd have to do, so every few months I cull through my list. Sometimes I leave it in this leaner, meaner state for a while. Other times, I'm right back at it hoarding blog links like they're going out of style.

I'm currently in a hoarding phase. Here are just a few of my most recent faves:

tollipop A talented, creative Canadian gal living in Vegas. Her storytelling skills are a treat to enjoy as are her adorable paintings. I would love to have one of her paintings in my little sewing space (hint, hint TDSH).

thimble A great source for tutorials and book recommendations. She also shares my obsession with fabrics so she's A-OK in my book!

sleep talkin' man And now for something completely different...this blog is SOOOO not about crafting or kids or about pretty much anything you might associate with my own's the blog of a woman who records her husband's nightly sleep talking and posts it to the web each morning. I am thisclose to ordering my very own Sleep Talkin' Man t-shirt! NOTE: If you are at all sensitive about foul language, you may want to skip this one.

owl and pussycat From her ABOUT page: "I dabble in sewing, knitting and other domestic arts while using my organizational skills to wreak havoc on my family and co-workers." Sound familiar? A woman after my own heart.

oh, fransson This woman quilts like nobody's business. I love looking at the amazing fabric combinations she puts together. Be sure to check out her "Small Projects" page for some cute project ideas.

giddy goat When I first visited her site she had a post up about Jamie Oliver...I knew this was a blog worth reading. [What? You didn't know I was mildly obsessed with Jamie Oliver? Well, now you know.]

fourth-place medal Sadly, this blog will end on Sunday after the Olympics are over, but if it were up to me, this would be how all major sporting events are covered. If you read nothing else on this blog, you have to at least check this post out. Oh, and maybe this one too.

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