Friday, 18 December 2009

An artsy fartsy blog post

This past weekend was the Portobello West Christmas fair. Once again, I joined Miranda to help sell her wares to flocks of frantic Christmas shoppers. Overall the weekend was a great success and we had a blast chatting with our lovely neighbours, playing with random babies and drooling over some wonderful treats (and some not so wonderful burgers and hot dogs - yuck!)

One of the best things about helping out at a craft fair is the opportunity to discover some super-talented local Liz Clay, the amazing artist behind CiCi Art Factory. I fell in love with her work from the moment I watched it being unpacked. I'm thrilled to have picked up this little print for Abner's room! It's called "Who Who Owl" and is part of her Wit & Whimsy collection.

I hope to build up a bit of an art collection for Abner's room one day. It's a slow process, but an enjoyable one. So far, her room is a mix of art that I have created and a few pieces that TDSH picked up on his last trip to South Africa and a cross-stitch made by my grandma.

Abner is turning into a bit of an artist herself! Her daycare sends home a new piece of art every few days or so which we have dutifully stuck on the fridge. Most are obviously just scribbles at this point but occasionally they come up with a very sweet project for the kids to make for their parents.

In honour of Christmas, Abner came home with this little guy made out of her foot- and hand-prints! We probably don't want to have it up year-round in her bedroom, but I think it might be fun to have one frame set aside to feature her special art pieces. We can admire them for a while before either storing them as a keepsake or getting rid of them.

What really amazes me about this particular piece of art is not my daughter's amazing artistic talent, but the coordination that went into making these with 7 or 8 kids! It apparently took several days and not once did she come home with a spec of paint on her! I am in awe of daycare lady.

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