Saturday, 22 June 2013

Paper Patchwork Wall Art

That big blank wall above our bed was in desperate need of some art. As a quilter, I do love the look of patchwork, but I don't always love seeing quilts hung on the wall...a little too homespun for my liking. Solution: a paper quilt (of sorts).

Here's what I love about this project:
  • it's cheap. Total cost was about $20.
  • It's renter friendly. Just pop the papers off the wall when it's time to move on. No damage to the wall and you can even stick it up at your next place if you're careful.
  • No worries about a big piece of art falling off the wall and crushing your head during an earthquake (yes...I really do think of things like that).
Here's what I used to make this project. I'm not sure Magic Dots were the way to go. I love how they let the paper lay flat against the wall, but they are not sticking so well in our damp weather. Good thing they come 700 to a pack!

Happy crafting!


  1. that looks fantastic - what a great idea!

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