Thursday, 21 June 2012

One last Prairie project

It's hard to believe, but Abner leaves Regina in exactly one week [a few days ahead of me and The Dear Sweet Husband]. I can't let her go without a little something handmade by mama so I whipped up a new toiletry bag just for her. She chose the fabrics - all I had to do was make it large enough to hold all her hair products.

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  1. And you have a blog? When do you have time for all this? See you on Thursday - wish we had gotten to know each other sooner. When I was at my mom's on the weekend buying her new sheets, I was rummaging in the linen closet getting rid of old sheets and I found a crib blanket from when we were kids. She asked if i wanted it as a remembrance and of course I said yes. You would love it - vintage - probably not just 60's but 50's - it's great - just have to think of an interesting project to use it for.


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