Sunday, 13 November 2011

At the risk of perpetuating a stereotype...

it's cold here in Regina!

Okay, okay...I know we're in for much worse in the months to come. But, after such a lovely summer and early fall, this cold is a little hard to take! To everyone's delight though, the first snowfall was a bit later than usual: Nov 6. Now that I have a proper winter coat (similar to this one) and the winter tires are on the car, I must confess that I'm actually enjoying the snow. We just need a block heater and we'll be all set for the real cold!

Abner was thrilled to put on her snowsuit (snagged with mitts and a toque for $10 at a garage sale in mid-August. Best. Purchase. Ever.) and help The Dear Sweet Husband shovel the driveway that first day.

Now, here we are less than a week later and Abner is already asking when the snow will be gone. Poor thing. This is going to be a LONG winter.


  1. Rowan wants the snow to melt too. He dropped a small, plastic brachiosaurus somewhere in our yard. *sigh*

    Nice score on the snowsuit!

  2. Ha! Abner dropped the lock for our shed in the snow the other day. Poor Sean had to go hunt for it since, unlike a plastic brachiosaurus, it won't last until Spring.

  3. I feel so grateful that I had to google "block heater."

    Good luck, friend.


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