Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A sweet t-shirt quilt

Last week was dedicated to working on my latest commissioned quilt - a memory quilt for friends down in the States*. As usual, the t-shirts sat around my house for weeks until I finally sat down a week or two ago to sketch out my plan. From there, it came together beautifully.

When asked what colour she wanted on the back of the quilt, Jaimie suggested heather grey to keep with the athletic theme on the front. It was a brilliant suggestion, however, quilting cotton does not come in heather grey! I bravely grabbed the necessary yardage (meterage?) in jogging fleece and hoped for the best.

My concern was that the stretch of the fleece would be difficult to work with. You see, even though the t-shirts on the front have the same stretchy problem, I always stabilize each square with interfacing so that it's not an issue. Covering the entire backing with interfacing isn't exactly feasible, so I just pinned like hell and crossed my fingers that it wouldn't get all wonky. It didn't. Phew!

With typical Milkybeer luck though, the fleece was about 1-2 inches too narrow to span the entire back, so I had to piece it with squares leftover from the t-shirts. It's a bit of extra work, but I do love the look. It's a nice way to get a little bit of colour on the back.

I once again opted to tie this quilt instead of stitch the quilting lines. Just the thought of pushing this much fabric and lofty batting through my machine is enough to give me nightmares, so tied is the only way to go for me. Although, in this case, it meant doing 80 ties by hand in one afternoon! Ugh.

Want to see more of my t-shirt quilts? I've added a t-shirt memory quilt gallery to my new Flickr account! Please stop by and have a look or read the original blog posts about the Chris quilt and the Allison quilt.

* If any of the Sharon Wives (or Sharon Boys for that matter) are reading this....shhhhh! It's a surprise for Doc!

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