Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Birthday and letter bags

We celebrated Abner's birthday this past weekend. With all the crappy weather we've been having, it was a gamble whether we'd be in the park or in the party room (again). Thankfully, we had fantastic weather and the kids were able to run around like crazy chickens before feasting on nummy lunch and cake (carrot cake made by TDSH, of course!) and opening gifts (sort of).

True to form, I chose to make party favours for each of Abner's little friends rather than buying things from the dollar store or wherever. I used this great little tutorial from Kim of Retro Mama that I found on Craft Snob to make up custom monogrammed tote bags for each party guest.

I'm not going to took a while to prepare all of the bags I needed (thank goodness some kids weren't able to make it!) Choosing the corresponding fabrics for each bag was the best part, especially since all of the fabrics came from my scrap bag.

The finished bags were each stuffed with a colouring book and a few little treats and hung from a tree. They looked beautiful hanging in the bright sun and were as much a decoration as they were a party favour.

I'm not sure about the other kids, but I know Abner has already been getting a lot of use out of her little "A" bag.

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