Saturday, 7 May 2011

The anniversary tree

I was so honoured when my colleague, Kim, asked me to create something special he could give his wife on their ten year anniversary. What was really fun was that he didn't have any specific ideas when he first approached me. That problem was solved with a couple of quick scans through the Fresh Modern Quilts group on Flickr. In the end, we settled on the notion of doing a wall hanging with a tree and birds.

I finished the piece a while ago, but wanted to wait until after the actual anniversary to post about it. Here is the finished project in all its glory! Each bird represents one member of their family [and bare an unintentional liking to the Twitter bird].

Throughout the process, Kim kept asking if I was taking photos of "the build" [this is a guy who's recently built himself a movie quality stormtrooper costume...for fun.] so here you go...these pics are for you Kimu!

Each leaf, bird and tree trunk were cut by hand and appliqued at. a. time.
Stitching leaf number 37...I think.
I just used a regular old zig zag to secure each piece.
A special message from husband to wife [don't tell Angie, but it was my idea!]
Not bad considering this is only the second time I've attempted applique!
Fingers crossed that Angie likes it!


  1. Beautiful! What a lovely idea for an anniversary gift. Nice job, Kim :)

  2. Kim you are so talented it's not even funny!!! I love this project :)

    And congrats to Kimu and Angie :)

  3. Lovely! can I ask what type of machine you use?

  4. @Jen Arbo
    Thanks Jen. I just use a regular old Kenmore. In fact, I think it's one of their more basic models. It does the job.


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