Sunday, 13 March 2011

What fabric heaven looks like

The fabric Gods were smiling on me yesterday when my friend Miranda passed on a rather enormous bag of unwanted fabric. Awesome friend, don't you think? I happily spent a couple of hours sorting through the bag and putting some order into this windfall. Knowing what you have in your stash is key to keeping costs down on sewing projects so I wanted to make sure I got a grip on my new and improved stash before too long.

Mid sort: mostly down to the wee scraps at this point
Quilting cottons, linen, corduroy, decor weight, felt - you name it, it was in that bag.
When storing fabric, it's a good idea to make sure you're putting away clean material. Take the time up front to neatly fold and stack each piece and you'll never regret it down the road when you need to pull fabrics and whip something up in a flash.

Behold the towering piles of quilting cotton
All told, yesterday's haul more than doubled my already impressive fabric stash. What you see below is just the cut lengths of quilting cotton. I also have two big bins filled with many other types of fabric as well as the better part of a garbage bag filled with small scraps that will be perfect for quilting...this is what I mean by fabric heaven.

Sorted, stacked and placed in their new home
I actually added even more after this shot was taken!
All this new fabric has really gotten my creative juices flowing. I've put out a call to friends and family to see if anyone wants me to whip up a quilt for them and I already have a few takers! I'm gonna be one busy girl for the next little while...and loving every minute of it!


  1. wow,that's quite the stash...a quilters dream! @:D

  2. @bonnie
    I know! It still makes me smile every time I look at the stacks of fabric.


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