Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Deck the freezer?

We got into some serious holiday spirit over the weekend. Ornaments from years gone by were brought out of storage, reminiscing took place, stories were told, carols were song, and the tree was put up in the traditional location...atop the deep freezer. Yup, that's me and Abner decorating our new Christmas tree perched atop the deep freezer we keep in our living room. Space is at a premium in at chateau Milkybeer.

As odd as it sounds, the freezer location is actually genius: it makes our tree look really tall, Abner can't really reach the ornaments very easily, and it doesn't take up any floorspace! I'm just glad we were smart enough to take out all the food we might need for the weeks ahead before putting it up.

One of our advent activities was to make paper snowflakes, so Abner and I cracked out the scissors and printer paper and created quite a few beauties together the other night. They are now dressing up our front door. We've never decorated our front door before, but both of our neighbours did it this year, so it felt like we had to. Glad we did.

We also dug out the family stockings but had to be creative to find a space to hang them that keeps them out of Abner's reach. I'd be so upset if anything happened to these stocking! Each was handmade by my mom. With the stockings out now, it really does feel a lot like Christmas around here.


  1. let the celebrations begin@:D

  2. Beautiful and inspiring! I need to go an haul our tree out of the basement and get cracking on some festive decorations!


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