Monday, 16 August 2010

Pyrex love

Remember me mentioning that I was on the look out for a set of Pyrex bowls? Well, I happened to mention it to my aunt a few weeks ago while we were vacationing near Castlegar. She shares my obsession with thrift stores so we've started sharing some of our thrift wish list items so we can be on the look out for each other. She really came through this time when she found me these pretty much the very next day:

What you are looking at is a set of butterprint turquoise cinderella mixing bowls. It's not the complete set I'd been hoping for, but this is actually better! Now I have the rather enjoyable task of looking for the missing bowl!

If you'd care to help me in this quest, I'm looking for the 1 1/2 quart (#442) bowl that should fit between the two white bowls. I already know it's readily available on Ebay, but I think I'll try my luck in thrift stores first. According to Pyrex Love, it's not a very rare pattern, so it should be relatively easy to find.

Within days of getting these fabulous beauties home, I'd already gotten rid of my crappy old plastic bowls and was putting these to use for just about any reason I could come up with.


  1. those bowls look great...i'll have to start looking around for you@:)

  2. These are great! And will last pretty much forever. I recently found a set of Pyrex mugs which I love :).

  3. @Bonnie
    I'd sure appreciate your help in the hunt! Thanks Bonnie.

  4. @Katie
    Pyrex mugs....fantastic! I've been trying to resist buying more than just the bowls, but now I have my eye on a gravy boat in one of the local consignment shops. It's all just so cute!

  5. Gorgeous bowls! I have a secret place in the Fraser Valley I find pyrex at quite frequently- not full sets like what you've got though- what a score. In other news- I sent the apron top pattern to your work e-mail. If you want it sooner than the 30th e-mail me for it and I'll send it to you.

  6. i love them!!! must scrounge some up for myself!! ;-) oooh - kristen tell your secret! kidding - secrets like that are worth guarding.

  7. @Kristin
    I may have to wrestle that secret place from you. I did find the missing bowl the other day but it's condition was pretty bad so I passed on it. Thanks for the pattern!

  8. @miranda
    Be careful Miranda, it's super addicting looking for these things. I keep finding other Pyrex I want to buy (but really don't need).


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