Monday, 23 August 2010

Ivory Vintage Market

Had a lovely time yesterday paying my first visit to the Ivory Vintage Market. I believe this was only the second gathering, but oh, what a collection of beautiful items, friendly people and incredible talent!

What amazed me most was that I didn't recognize any of the vendors! Having been to a fair share of Lower Mainland craft fairs and markets as well as regular follower to several local crafty folk, I fancied myself fairly up on the local hand-made, home-made scene...apparently, not so much. What a treat to walk into a room full of drool-worthy displays and for everything to be brand spankin' new to me!

I nabbed a set of owl-themed hankies from hank&cheef [LOVE the name!] just moments through the door. I've been keeping an eye out for handkerchiefs lately and was thrilled to find such cute, eco-friendly ones made locally. I find myself actually hoping to get a cold soon so I can really test them out.

Besides the hankies, I lingered for a while at the Dotty Logic table. The very talented Jasonda Desmond designs her own fabric and also sells a number of cute items made with said fabrics. Sadly, I've been trying to reign in my stash lately so I had to walk away empty handed.

I have no idea if or when there will be another market, but I'll definitely go to the next one...anyone care to join me?


  1. Yeah, count me in. I totally want to go one of these, but their website is difficult to follow. I just want to sign up somewhere so I'm on a mailing list so I get notified on the next one, but I can't find anything like that on there. Got Craft? has a mailing list and lets me know when their next fair is. How did you hear about this? (because like you, I thought I was fairly in the know about craftiness in the Lower Mainland)

  2. Ooo! I love those hankies! So cute.

  3. wish i could have made it - looks like a great discovery! i love the hankies - very cute. should get some for cole to discourage what he's doing lately "here - i found a booger". ;-)

  4. @Chantel I.
    Looks like their next one is October 16 at Ocean Park Hall. You can *like* them on FB to get updates. I found out from Urban Baby and Toddler, but I'm guessing you don't have any need to follow them just yet ;-)

  5. @miranda
    The hankies have been a great purchase already! I love having them at hand all the time. I feel so old fashioned holding a hanky to Abner's nose!

  6. Just checking up on who knows about the Ivory Vintage Market!! Hey, guess what...we're having another one on June 25th!! This time at Elgin Hall!!
    Visit our website for more on times, etc...
    Thanks for your lovely review!!
    First 35 thru the doors receive a swag bag!!!


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