Thursday, 11 June 2009

I finally got to make something! Yippee!

We had a birthday party to attend this past weekend so I had the perfect excuse to sit down at my sewing machine and whip up a little something special for my favorite little niece (Don't worry, I'm not playing favorites - she's my only niece).

A quick trip to Fabricana netted this fantastic new fabric from Alexander Henry's Tillbrook line. Who doesn't love fabric with fairies, flowers and mushrooms on it?

I decided to try adapting my favorite little girl's dress pattern into a top for summer. The pattern is identical down to the bottom of the arm holes, but I cut off about 5 inches and extended the flare out to the same point it was on the original dress. Yes, yes...technically not much of an adaptation, but the result is pretty cute, non?


  1. SO cute! it's adorable and i love the fabric. oh now you're tempting me to buy fabric when what i really need to do is get rid of all the fabric i already have!!! :-)

    think i could make a boy-ish enough version for cole?

  2. super duper cute! and i am with miranda, stop tempting us with your whimsical fabric!

  3. glad you got the time for some craft. I know how hard it can be to have some dedicated time at your machine! Well done with the dress. It's just beautiful.


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