Monday, 30 March 2009

Try not to sprain your brain

You can file this post under RANDOM because it has nothing to do with any of the topics I usually write about. But I wanted to share this little exercise with you for the next time you are insanely bored: Try to imagine what the world would be like if one major thing were different.

Here are some of the scenarios I've put some thought into on occasion:
  • What if the combustion engine was never invented?
  • What if gun powder had never been invented?
  • What if humans suddenly ceased to exist? [Interestingly, Global TV aired a program a few months ago that documented exactly what would happen if this ever occurred. It was so amazing to see how long after our disappearance our impact would still be felt. Think of all of the automated systems that would continue to run for some time afterward: airplanes flying on autopilot, nuclear reactors still cooling themselves to prevent meltdowns, lights and sprinklers on timers, etc.]
  • What if Gore had won the election in 2000? [Oh, if only!]
  • What if interurban electric streetcars were still the norm and not buses?
  • What if everyone recycled every possible item they could?
Obviously, you never get to find out whether your imagined scenario is correct, but it's still interesting to imagine nonetheless.


  1. On point 3, go read Alan Weisbaum's (sp?) book, 'The World Without Us'. It was very good and covered the entire topic. Possibly Global was just picking up the coverage of that book (about 2yrs ago almost).


  2. good questions for thought! if you see steam coming from my ears it's because i am either thinking really hard or still upset at al gore for conceding back in 2000.

    what if everything we see around us is only a construct of our own imagination?


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