Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Visits from old friends

My friend Teresa stopped by with her two kids yesterday. While the grown ups had a nice mug of tea and some cookies, Abner had a blast rolling around on the floor with Seppi and Mattea...

that is, until Seppi got in this cheap shot.

I'm sure she'll forgive him since they brought this fantastic book as a gift for Abner. The illustrations are adorable and the story (only three words!), about a little chimp on a hunt for his mom and a hug, is now one of my favorite reads. The best part is giving her a hug each time we read the word "hug" (which happens a lot).

We also had our friend Brian over yesterday for what was supposed to be a nice quiet dinner before the holidays. It didn't quite turn out that way since Abner started puking an hour after going to bed. Thankfully we had already finished eating.

In the span of 35 minutes, she puked seven times - thoroughly coating her sleep sack and me in a wash of half digested yams, rice cake and milk. Yum.

She didn't seem terribly bothered by the whole thing but it sure took the wind out of her sails. It was quite adorable to see her all curled up on the floor with her daddy as she finally drifted back to sleep. Thankfully, she only woke once in the night and was able to get a good night's rest. I'm happy to report that she's her usual lively self this morning.

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