Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Elevator-related pet peeves

Out and about with a new baby in a stroller, I have way more occasion to use elevators than I ever did b.b. (before baby). The situation has brought a couple of new pet peeves to light.

Young, able-bodied people who refuse to use the stairs/escalator
Today I saw a pair of girls wait for almost five minutes for the lift rather than walk an extra ten feet and take the stairs. A few weeks ago, I saw another set of girls (not the same ones thank God) wait an inordinant amount of time for an elevator that only travelled six feet (that an elevator is necessary to travel only six feet is a story for another day)! Taking the stairs is the way to go: it's less crowded, more often than not it saves time, it's built in exercise and you won't increase your carbon footprint to boot! All I can say is it must be nice to be young and have that much time to waste.

Ingorant people who block the doors preventing smooth egress
Here's how the scenario should work: press elevator call button (either up or down, you choose depending on your needs)... step aside and eagerly wait for the elevator to arrive (what you do to entertain yourself during this time is up to you)...when the doors open, wait for the current occupants to exit before making your own grand entrance. It's really not that difficult. (Note: This peeve goes beyond the world of elevators and extends to various forms of transit too.

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