Sunday, 6 July 2014

Outtakes: Interweave Chambray Quilt

Finally getting around to sharing a few pics of my latest quilt here with you all. These are the outtakes from the photos I took to go with my latest post over on imagine gnats. You can read all about my love for this quilt and even a bit about how I do those hand stitched circles over there.

I've been much more productive of late than it would appear here on the blog. This quilt is only one of two that I finished in the last two weeks of June. I also have a hot water bottle cozy to share from earlier in June as well as a rug project that's well on its way to completion that I can't wait to show you. Finding time to sit and write a proper post is getting harder and harder these days. I do tend to post more regularly on Facebook and Instagram if you'd like to follow along there. I'm also a bit of a Pinterest addict as well if you're so inclined.

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