Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Op Shop Fabric Finds

Since the first day we arrived, people have been telling me about Dunedin's legendary Op Shop Fabric Sale. Imagine it, table upon table of fabrics, notions, buttons (a whole room full), patterns and whatnot at rock bottom prices. I had to join the masses and check it out. My mission was to have a project in mind for each bit of fabric I bought rather than just, "Oh, look! That's pretty!" I must say I didn't do too badly. Of the eight bundles of fabric that came home with me, I have projects in mind for six of them:

Pretty blue pyjamas for Abner...

Some retro-inspired seat cushions for the kitchen chairs...

A nice comfy stripy dress and maybe a pair of pants or skirt for Abner...

A manly hot water bottle cozy for The Dear Sweet Husband...

...and the impulse buys.

What on earth should I make with those last two? Some dresses for Abner, perhaps? A skirt or two for myself? Got any ideas for me?


  1. I think the polka dot fabric would make an excellent skirt for you and the pink tiki looking fabric would make a lovely dress for the Abster.

    1. It would make a cute summer skirt, Chantel! Given that it's set to snow for the next few days, at least I know I have plenty of time to get it made!

  2. I love making vintage style aprons - hello, ruffles! they make good presents too :)


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