Thursday, 20 June 2013

Colourful hair comb loveliness

This little hair comb project was quite literally one of the very first things I ever pinned on Pinterest. So thrilled was I to find a project that used up all the leftover embroidery floss from the hand-stitching on my quilts. About three years and 1000 pins later, I finally got around to making a few. Lovely aren't they?

My favourite part is picking the colour combos. A little gold, blue, green and brown...

and some grey, green, lilac and blue. The options are endless!

It's been a great project to keep my hands busy as TDSH and I watch videos on YouTube each night. I do have several quilts on the go which I could/should be working on, but sometimes I just need to change gears every once in a while and try my hand at other crafts.

The original DIY tutorial can be found over on the Lemon Jitters blog if you want to make your own. That girl has heaps of awesome crafty ideas!

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