Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Snow day!

Remember when you were little and school was cancelled due to snow? Best days ever, right?! Abner is experiencing her very first snow day today. A few centimeters of snow in Dunedin mean that schools are closed and traffic is at a standstill.

So, Abner and I are spending the day together at home trying to stay warm, playing in the snow a bit, and sipping mugs of hot chocolate in front of the (faux) fire. Strangely, the snow is making me want to listen to Christmas carols and cook up a turkey. Happy snow day everyone!


  1. I'm sorry, but hahahaha. Bet that was unexpected.

  2. So funny. We here in Vancouver have been having rainy day after rainy day, if it's any consolation.

    Christmas in May...there are worse things, I suppose!

    1. Don't laugh, Melissa, there are two Christmas parties happening in town this week! I live in a very strange place...and I sure don't miss the Vancouver rain!


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