Friday, 5 April 2013

A very Kiwi Easter: Part 2

The rest of our Easter weekend was spent on the road with one of The Dear Sweet Husband's colleagues and his family. They somehow managed to take us on a tour of pretty much the entire south end of the south island all in one weekend.

Our travels took us to touristy spots like Queenstown (what Whistler and Osoyoos would look like if they had a baby), Arrowtown (just about one of the cutest towns I've ever been in - and not just because it had a great fabric store and a killer sweets shop!), and historic Old Cromwell (where the original town was flooded out when a hydro dam was built, so they relocated a few historic buildings before it was too late).

Due to our tour guides' passion and The Dear Sweet Husband's budding interest in rural New Zealand, we also had the opportunity to stop in at some out of the way places like Ohai, Nightcaps, and Wairio where we got to see the complete opposite of a touristy town. Booming or busting - it was all beautiful.

It was a marvelous weekend and so wonderful of our friends to take the time to show us around. For all the new sights and scenery we saw during the weekend, I can't help but be reminded of Canada. So much of the countryside here looks exactly like home. I wish I had better pictures of the scenery to show kid is just too cute not to photograph, so most of the pics are of her instead.


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  1. This is a great travel log...sure makes me want to visit NZ@:) You're right about Abby...she is sooo cute!


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