Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Life's a beach

So summer sure took its sweet time showing up on the West Coast this year. To make up for it, she's been pulling out all the stops lately: blue skies, warm breezes, and evenings that seem to last forever....ahhh, bliss. The only downside to this much-improved weather is that everyone is out trying to get out and enjoy it at the same time!

I'm not one for spending my days among crowds so, this past weekend we opted to head to one of the area's less popular beaches: Centennial (all the way down in Delta in case you've never been). In a word, the day was perfect!

Ready for some sun. Her birthday dress is finally getting some wear!

First priority? Snack.

Our little spot on the of at least half a dozen green and white umbrellas that day.

The treasure bag I made at last month's crafternoon sure came in handy. I love seeing these little handmade items get put to use and become part of our daily lives.

Bliss on the beach.

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  1. I was down at Centennial on Sunday! My mom lives in Tsawwassen so we are regular Centennial Beach occupants!

  2. centennial beach is one of our favourite spots...peaceful, friendly and wide open spaces. (close to a great coffee shop as well)

    abbi looks so sweet in her summer dress@:)

  3. thanks for the beach tip - your quiet spot will be crawling! ;-) hopefully with people you know and will share your snacks with...

    the dress is looking great on abby!

  4. The Treasure bag has been a hit with Maryn, and I also finally realized that it matched her B-day dress.They look so cute together. FYI: Those Treasure bags would make excellent shopping bags as a larger version.

  5. I've just come across your blog and love it! We seem to be very much on the same wavelength with crafting similar projects. I love how the heather ross smocked dress for your daughter turned out! Hopefully we will cross sewing paths at some point!

  6. ^t...we will have to venture down there together with the kids sometime soon!

    ^Bonnie...I'll have to get the name of that coffee shop from you sometime (now that I actually drink coffee)

    ^ to join me and Tara?

    ^Mindybook...glad Maryn is liking her bag. Rest assured I did not intend for her to match to her dress! That's just the only material I had left to make the bags with!

    ^Kristin...the similarities are a wee bit scary (in a good way)! Looking forward to meeting face to face sometime!


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